Spanish services

For the Spanish market we actively support our customers during their entrance into the new market and their expansion within the country – including the hiring of employees for the new projects. Your needs and our expertise will lead to the culmination of business growth.

With our in-depth knowledge of the Spanish market, we can ensure the successful entry into this exciting opportunity.

This holistic approach incorporates our know-how, our integrated approach in our various advisory areas, and results in a productive and close-working relationship with you and your company. Depending on how everything works out, we can then also help you leave a permanent footprint in Spain by setting up your own entity.

We provide payroll services in the following countries

Spain may not be the only country you wish to expand into. To be able to offer you an all-round HR support, we also offer Business development in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Russia, USA, Singapore, Israel, Portugal, India and China.

In many countries, setting up a legal entity for just one employee while entering the market is not necessary. We offer Employer of Record (EOR) and Professional Employment (PEO) solutions in most European countries as well as many others worldwide.

A key advantage to you is our multi-country payroll management. With just a single contact, you immediately have many countries and expansion possibilities at your fingertips! Contact us today to find out more.

Management Diagnostics

Just how good are my managers?.


Strategic Consultation

Result-oriented advice tailor-made to suit your company needs



Socially-acceptable personnel changes


Process Optimisation

Regularly-recurring operational sequences


External HR-Management

For companies, which are too small to have their own personnel department


Coaching / Training

We ensure a well-structured starting basis for new business starters and department managers.